Shams Veranda Hall host of Thirteenth Inaugural Ceremony of Nahal Short Film Festival

Thirteenth inaugural ceremony of  Nahal  Short Film Festival would be celebrated from 17th to 20th May, in Shams veranda hall. Respecting distinguished international virtuoso Sohrab Shahid Sales is the main part of this ceremony.

Nahal Short film festival is the host of the signs of  art students from all of the world in Farabi hall of Art University and Artists House. These works of art would be presented from Mars 28 to May 23. Worth to mention that watching this short film is free of charge for all visitors.

Nahal Festival is the host of works of art of  all international young filmmakers from United .Kingdom , Egypt , France , Saudi Arabia and … in its thirteenth period.

Meanwhile , the festival  has specific view to experimental films of Jerar Kuran dignified experimental filmmaker.

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